Thursday, January 14, 2010

Welcome to Our Blog!

We are The Suttons...

...and the Freemans.

We’ve been best friends for a long, long time, with a common bond of loving and serving God. Through our years of ministering to college students together, we’ve in turn become ministry partners.

A few years ago we began to dream big with God of how He might use us as a team to show folks where they might find the same love, purpose and healing through Jesus Christ that we’ve discovered for ourselves. After laboring in prayer over a few years, we realize our calling to be missionaries within the United States. Specifically, God has led us to Fort Collins, Colorado, where we have been called to build a community of faith with other young adults.

We are currently living in our hometown of Tyler, Texas as we prepare to move to our new home in Fort Collins. We created this blog so that anyone interested in what we’re doing can stay up to speed with our progress. We also want to invite you to partner with us in this ministry and pray with us as we prepare to go to Fort Collins. You can either subscribe to this blog or check back as often as you like.

To know more about this community that we’ve fallen in love with (hence the name: I Heart Fort Collins), you can find basic information on our homepage,, or even check out the city’s official website,

Thank you for joining us on this exciting journey.