Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Home Is Where The Heart Is

During this last trip to Fort Collins we looked for job opportunities and searched for a home. 35 houses later... the saying, "Home is where the heart is", lost its meaning. Turns out, clean carpet, caulked showers, and a somewhat odor-free environment help to make a house a home. Our house search was both exciting and sobering. Since it is a college town, there were lots of renting options, but many of those options would not be suitable for our families. After looking at several houses in deplorable condition, we drove by one in a great location close to Old Town and CSU. We met the very nice owner and found the house to be in great condition and perfect for one of our families. We decided it would fit Laura and I the best, so we submitted an application. When we submitted it, however, the owner let us know that they are hesitant to rent to us because we don't have jobs yet. I am sure they think we are a little crazy... but we know that God is in control.

On the job front, Randi and Laura both had unexpected moments of hope. The week before going, Randi saw an opening for a marketing position at a high-end stroller company. She debated whether or not to drop in and, when we couldn't find their office, assumed she wouldn't be able to. While we were in a local toy store, Randi thought it wouldn't hurt to ask them where the stroller company office was. Upon asking, the ladies behind the counter got really excited and insisted on taking Randi to meet them right away. Turns out, their offices were right upstairs. Randi was greeted by a little dog in a laid back atmosphere and was able to make contact with an energetic company and meet more of the great people of Fort Collins. Upon returning to Texas, she emailed her resume, but has already heard that they filled the position. She made a great contact, though, and experienced a wonderful example of how God works in ways that we don't always expect!

Laura had a similar experience. Before going, she had researched schools and found several that seem like a good fit for her. One of these is Dunn Elementary, which happens to be across the street from the last house - and best house - we saw. While visiting with the owner, Laura mentioned that she was interested in working there and, as it turns out, the owner's children went there, her relative works in the office, and she knew many of the teachers. She excitedly offered to take Laura over there right away and show her around. Yet another unexpected moment of hope!

Our trip was both exciting and sobering. We are not sure exactly how everything with housing and jobs will work out - we continue to trust God. To the world and even some close to us, we seem crazy... we even feel that way ourselves sometimes. The amazing part of this journey, though, is the overwhelming peace that we have even when we don't have all the answers. We acknowledge that this peace is supernatural and only comes from God! We praise His name for the destination and the path that gets us there!

Isaiah 42:16
"But I'll take the hand of those who don't know the way,
who can't see where they're going.
I'll be a personal guide to them,
directing them through unknown country.
I'll be right there to show them what roads to take,
make sure they don't fall into the ditch.
These are the things I'll be doing for them -
sticking with them, not leaving them for a minute."