Wednesday, July 7, 2010

The Freemans Visit To Fort Collins

Chris and I just ventured up to Fort Collins for a few days with the goal of finding a house and a job for me. We were able to find the perfect house, and hopefully I'll hear something definite about a job soon. I had a FANTASTIC interview with a company I'd really like to work for. So we'll see what happens, and I'll keep everyone posted.

It was so great to be with our best friends. We would actually stay up late talking, dreaming and planning. Here's a picture of us freezing to death in their basement and doing a little research on our iPhones. :)

While away, I wrote every day on my personal blog, but failed to upload it all here. I realize there are folks who follow this blog that may not frequent my page, so here are the links if you're interested in more details about the trip.

Day 1: Amarillo By Morning
Day 2, Part 1: House Hunting
Day 2, Part 2: Job Hunting
Day 4: Su Casa Es Mi Casa
Day 5: On The Road Again

I have to say that David and Laura's house is just great. They've really done a good job setting it all up, and it's starting to seem like a home. Hopefully they'll post pictures soon (hint! hint!) because it is such a fun place. They've also had quite a few opportunities for meaningful conversation and the starts of new friendships forming in just the short weeks they've been there. Please continue to pray for them as the church is beginning to plant even now through them. We can't wait to join them in August!

Also, please pray for Chris as he leads our group of Tyler college students on a mission trip to Guatemala for the next two weeks. Pray for Hannah and I, as well, as our family is missing the most important link any time he's gone. Thanks!

Praise God for all He's doing in us, through us and around us!